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For a contractor to achieve financial success,

a strong management team is critical

In addition to competent management, a team of knowledgeable outside advisors is vital. That team usually consists of an attorney, banker, surety, and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Construction accounting and taxation require specialized industry knowledge not required of a general practitioner CPA.  A CPA uneducated in the unique accounting requirements and special income tax requirements and elections for contractors, can cost a contractor significantly

Morris & Tonsfeldt CPAs provides exceptional construction accounting, tax and financial management services to our contractor clients.  We can help you make the proper presentation of your financial statements to assist you in your bonding and financing programs, and to more effectively manage your business

Tax planning requires regular communication between you and your accountant. We make ourselves available to you by phone, email, web conferences, remote desktop, and in-person. We recommend quarterly and mid-year snapshots to anticipate taxable income, and not merely a year-end conference when it may be too late to affect tax savings.

We also provide our contractors a range of services from traditional accounting and taxation to those that are more complex and specific to the construction industry.

Benchmarking Budgeting
Project management reports Cash flow analysis
Job costing and set-up Break-even analysis 


The above reports require an in-depth understanding of the work-in-progress schedule which is the core of all financial statements.  We work with contractors to implement an easy to use format that they can use as a tool for improving bottom line performance.

Increase your bottom line through profit enhancement strategies, improved job costing techniques, productivity and efficiency analysis. Our extensive construction industry experience combined with our expansive network of strategic partners make us uniquely qualified to offer Services second to none.

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