Business Tax Preparation

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 Scrabbling to make sure your business taxes are done right?

As with other tax providers, we help our clients find ways to save money on their taxes, but we also go a step further and add our signature personal touch. 

We understand that there needs to be a significant level of trust for you to feel comfortable sharing your financial information with us.  Rather than just looking at your tax documents, we conduct interviews that allow us to better understand your business structure, history and tax situation. 

Enabling us to understand the why's of your business instead of just the what's, allows us to advise you at a more comprehensive level.

At Morris & Tonsfeldt, we are experienced at running a business.  We have been there and we understand...which puts us in a great position for giving advice.  If you have been contemplating doing something new with your business, we can help you make decisions that will give you the highest likelihood of success. 

We offer a range of tax services, each designed to meet the needs of your business and save you money.  We understand that when it comes to business, every tax situation is different.  We will take an in-depth look at your business and evaluate the work based on your accounting needs.  Our prices are always fair and affordable, and our goal is to save you money...and headaches.

A few things to think about:

  • Are you using the right entity for your business today?  

Over time, your business changes and grows; tax law changes and may favor one type of entity over another;

  • Do you know if you are using the right Benchmarks for your business?

As your business changes and grows, so should the tools that you use to measure your business against industry standards and averages.

  • Are you focused on Growth, Marketing, Sales, Production, Operations or All of the Above?

Sometimes wearing too many hats can be slowing down your opportunity for increased profit and cash flow.  It's smart to outsource areas of your business where you need more expertise. 

"When is the last time you saw a banker pulling weeds in the parking lot?" - Seth Godin

These are just a few of the questions we can help you answer...and since we are on the outside looking in, we can see solutions that might elude you.  We work with a variety of businesses - large and small - and we bring that experience to help you.